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Like it or not, if you're in any type of business in the modern world, you must have a web presence. Even if your website is only a simple page listing your contact information and a brief snippet about you, it is an absolute imperative that you have a presence on the web.

Studies and surveys have shown that: 
1. A significant percentage of the population no longer uses paper phone books or even paper print media (newspapers, magazines, etc) any more.
2. Among those polled, a great percentage valued word-of-mouth and testimonial communication higher than most other forms of advertising (i.e. a personal recommendation or a testimonial account is weighted heavier than a newspaper ad).
3. A significant percentage of the population uses the Internet, and the Internet only, to find businesses and access information about goods and services available in their area.

With special regard to #3 above, if you don't have a web presence, you are possibly missing out on untold numbers of potential customers. 
Luckily, you need not set aside thousands of dollars per year to maintain a website. The rate of return on your dollar to have a web presence can be astronomical if you consider this:
In the mold inspection industry, a typical inspection on an average-sized home starts around $300. 
To host a website for an entire year on InspectHost.com, including hosting, setup, report hosting, online scheduling, and credit card gateway will cost you...$149.
That's right. If you gain just a single customer in an entire year from having your mold inspection or remediation business advertised online, you're money ahead.
If your website is hosted by another provider currently, it may be worth your while to do your homework and see if our website hosting solution is a better deal. 

Mold inspection business owners can benefit from our lower prices, easy-to-manage website editing tools and templates, and our friendly call center,  and website design staff, based in Madison, South Dakota. 

Do you need a website for your mold remediation business?

Inspecthost.com has websites for mold remediation businesses.

Are you interested in becoming certified to do mold inspections or mold remediation?

Mold inspection and remediation is an industry that is expanding rapidly. Awareness of the dangers of mold contamination in homes is spreading and the relative low cost of a mold inspection (compared to hospital visits, negative health effects, and quality of life ramifications) makes virtually every homeowner a potential customer. Unlike some other environmental hazards, mold can be a problem in nearly every climate. No matter where you live, chances are there is a market for mold inspection and/or mold remediation in your area.
Because of the extensive training and the nature of the work required to become a mold inspectors or mold remediator, they are able to price their services accordingly. Therefore, mold inspection and mold remediation can be a very lucrative career or addon service to an existing company, such as home inspection.

You can visit Mold Training from Professional Mold Inspection Institute to learn more about your options for getting certified to do mold inspections and mold remediation.

For answers to any questions you may have, please feel free to give us a call, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week at 1-800-983-6322.


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